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Selling 2 - Yoko Coin Box n Pamphlet

USD25 - Coin Box

USD25 - Pamphlet

Payment by Paypal only
Price not include shipping (USD15 per item)
comment with email if interested.


Price not include packaging and shipping (normally cost USD1.50 for international shipping)
Payment by Paypal only.
Please comment with number and email.

Jan. 26th, 2011

 passed all exams. Primary ATC Course, Aerodrome Course, Area Non-Radar Course n English Language Proficiency Test.

Will start OJT (hopefully) next month. will working in shift hours. *excited*

Jan. 20th, 2011

 will have English Language Proficiency Test tomorrow. *worried*
pass my area procedural theory exam. yay!!! next, practical. before that, 2 weeks holiday for 'hari raya'. need to celebrate it all out this year. next year, maybe will work on hari raya (i will be junior controller if i pass my next course).
11th August - Ramadhan. 
Will get one day off. before start a new course on 12th. Area Procedural Course. Will start with theory classes before simulator classes. busy again.

Jul. 26th, 2010

i have passed my aerodrome course. yay!!!!!!.... 
6.56 am. will have class at 8.00 am. i don't want to go! today is saturday. 
Received my trial exam's result today. Fail. i have done 3 air misses and 1 infringement. but, instructor only considered 1 air miss and 1 infringement. no mood for today. 
Will have a class tomorrow. hopefully, tomorrow i will be alright and can do my traffic. 
so depressed.